Oral Burdens: Root Canals, Cavitations, & Implants

As science continues to shed light on the dynamic relationship between conditions in the mouth and whole body health, biological dentistry blends modern, clinical dentistry with traditional, natural health practices in order to pinpoint and remedy oral burdens.

Some Dental Conditions Can Fuel Systemic Health Problems

Scientific research lends weight to concerns that some dental work may impact overall health for better or worse. The amalgam used to make “silver” fillings, for instance, is actually about 50% mercury, and mercury is a known neurotoxin. Overexposure to fluoride has been linked to endocrine, neurological, skeletal, and other issues. Too many repeat treatments can ultimately kill a living tooth.

Sometimes chronic infections exist within the teeth and surrounding bone, impacting your overall health. These infections may stem from root canaled teeth, from extraction sites such as from pulled wisdom teeth, periodontal disease, or other conditions.

All these have the potential to affect the body not just physiologically but bioenergetically, as well.

What Should I Do About My Root Canal Teeth?

What Is the Meridian System?

Each tooth in your mouth is situated on one of 12 primary meridians, or energetic pathways, that run throughout your body. It shares the meridian with other organs, glands, and tissues. When illness or injury affects one organ, others on that same meridian can be affected, as well.

In a healthy body, energy flows smoothly through these meridians. When the flow is disturbed or blocked by infection or by restorative work such as amalgams or implants, health challenges may eventually follow.

Using a Meridian Tooth Chart in conjunction with a computer-based, whole-body screening tool, Dr. Karen can assess the energy flow between meridian teeth and the function of various tissues and organs within the body. Determining where and how meridians are blocked may be the first step to eliminating that oral burden and get you back on the path to whole body wellness.

The goal is to eliminate these oral burdens in order to reestablish whole body health.

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