In-Office Tools & Tech

Here in our Hennessey dental office, Dr. Karen Cox-Haymaker and her dedicated team have all the advanced technology and techniques you’d expect to find in a larger practice while providing a personalized kind of care that supports your oral and overall health alike.


Dr. Karen recognizes that some patients experience stress at the thought of a dental appointment or procedure. If you have dental anxiety or a sensitive gag reflex or other condition that might otherwise complicate your visit, we offer NuCalm.

NuCalm sends electromagnetic frequencies to your body that mimic what naturally occurs in your brain right before you fall asleep. At the same time, headphones emit “music” at frequencies that guide your brain to its restorative “healing” zone. NuCalm is a sedation-free way to achieve deep and therapeutic relaxation in preparation for your dental treatment.

DIAGNOdent Caries Detection Aid

For caries (decay) detection, Dr. Karen uses the DIAGNOdent laser fluorescence system, which is more sensitive and less intrusive than older methods of using a dental explorer or bite-wing x-rays.

DIAGNOdent is capable of detecting caries even when the outer tooth surface seems to be intact. With such early detection, DIAGNOdent increases the possibility of prevention or less invasive treatment.


BioScan is a computer-based, whole-body screening tool that assesses the energy flow between teeth and the various tissues and organs within the body. BioScan can help narrow down the problem areas and determine if a tooth-body meridian may be blocked. This is an important step for identifying blockages or areas of infection and, in conjunction with other diagnostic tools, can guide treatment options and get you back on the path to wellness.

Infrared Sauna

It may seem odd for a dentist to offer infrared sauna treatment, but infrared sauna therapy offers another option for detoxification following dental procedures such as mercury amalgam removal, cavitation surgery, or root canal extraction. In our sauna, infrared light raises your body’s core temperature, allowing toxins to drain from your body through a sweat that is deep and healing.